Artist Statement

As an artist and educator, I feel a responsibility to serve my local, regional and global community. I create ceramic vessels and sculpture that tell the story of man's ancient and universal partnership with clay through the use of religion studies, global patterns, symbols, iconography, and various firing techniques. I am committed to creating work that can tell the story of humanity's shared virtues in a way that is contemporary and meaningful to our culture in the hope of helping to revive its collective conscience.    "If we are wrong in the purpose of life, we are wrong on everything." – Fulton Sheen

January, 2012 - Large Scale Relief Sculpture Project- Sanford Hospital, SD  | Click for more

Brad Bachmeier to give pottery demonstrations at Hawaii Potter's Guild, January 2012

National Governor's Association Commission for Michelle Obama's Office in the White House Click for more

Bachmeier featured on HGTV | Click for Video

Bachmeier featured on Prarie Public | Click for Video